In the rating calculations, mutual / pension funds that have the highest rating in the categories, 5 Star, can be followed in the analysis of "5 Star Funds". In the analysis based on the last rating rating, the comparison results of the funds with the previous rating values in the previous month can also be monitored. The return values of the funds at different time periods are also included in the analysis.

+Fund Category: Provides the listing of the funds belonging to the desired category. On the selection screen that is opened by clicking on the fund category, the selection process is performed by checking the boxes on the left of the categories.

With Select All - Remove selections, you can select all categories with the remove options, and all selections can be removed.

Mutual and Individual Pension Funds are graded and the star budget is made "every month", MONTHLY, ANNUAL and 3 YEARLY. The reason for the rating to be made for 3 separate time slots is to prevent short-term conjunctural developments from overshadowing the medium and long-term performance of the fund and to provide the investor with a longer-term perspective.

Monthly: Lists the monthly rating values of the funds with the 13-month data and 13 months in the same category.

Annual: Lists annual rating values of funds with 13 month data and 13 months in the same category.

3 Yearly: Lists the 3-year rating of the funds with 37-month data and 37 months in the same category.

* There is no calculation for the funds which have not enough funds for rating calculation, the categories are changed within the calculation period and the funds which are closed / transferred. Detailed information is available in methodology.