Under the Fund occupancy rates heading, you can see the occupancy rates of the funds on your own criteria.

Fund Occupancy Rate (%) : The occupancy rate (%) shows how much of the fund is circulating as of the day of publication. If the Fund occupancy rate is 100%, it can be said that the fund is totally circulating as of that day. However, if you are interested in funding, you can find out about the fundraiser by contacting your fund provider.

You can view the funds in the category you want, or you can use any subcategory in the display. You can ensure that the fund price is based on the current day or the valuation day, and you can also view the historical data of your choice. When you click on the "Get Analysis" button after you have set the criteria, the following columns will come up with the tabloda fund code, name, total share, occupancy rate, total new year share,

TNumber of Share in circulation: The fund will give the circulation (acquired) share as of that day.

New Year's Rate (%) : Shows the occupancy rate at the beginning of the year.

You can choose how many records you want to view on one page, and use the "find" option to conveniently bring up the item you want to search.