Under the Fund portfolio allocation heading, you can see the portfolio distributions of the funds that meet the criteria you specify.

You can choose any fund category or you can analyze using subcategories. You can ensure that the price of the fund will be based on the day it is valid or on the day of the valuation, and you can also bring in values for a date that you will set yourself. When you click on the "get analysis" button after you have defined your criteria, you can see how the portfolio distribution of the fund is different from that of the corresponding tabloda fund code and name.

The columns here are:

Government Bonds (%) : Represents the government bond ratio in the fund portfolio.

Treasury Bonus(%) : Indicates the ratio of treasury bills in the fund portfolio.

Reverse Repo (%) :Represents the reverse repo rate in fund portfolio.

Shares (%) :Shows the share of shares in the fund portfolio.

Foreign Securities (%) :Indicates the foreign securities ratio in the fund portfolio.

Private Sector Borrowing Sense (%) : Represents the ratio of private sector debt securities in the fund portfolio.

Fund Exchange Money Market (%) : The fund which is included in the fund portfolio shows the exchange money market ratio.

Fund Public External Debt Instruments (%) : The fund in the fund portfolio shows the ratio of public external debt instruments.

Other (%) : Indicates the ratio of other assets in the fund portfolio.

You can specify how many records you want to display on a page, and you can also use the "find" option to conveniently bring up the item you want to search.