Funds under the Fund Market You can reach the statistical data of the fund in the selected category in the Today section and view the rising and falling funds.

The categories that can be selected on the page are listed as follows;


Mixed and Flexible Funds,

Borrowing Instruments Funds,

Fund Basket Funds,

Equity Funds,

Participation Funds,

Precious Metals Funds and Money Market Funds

You can keep track of the Fund Code, Fund Name, Fund End Price and Price Change data for Rising and Falling funds.

In the Fund Statistics table, selected fund category portfolio value, category investor number, category number of funds and daily turnover can be reached.

The disclosure section on the right side of the Fund Statistics tab contains the falling funds information that is uploaded according to the selected fund category. The portfolio value according to the selected category and the percentage change in this portfolio value are disclosed daily, weekly and annually. The number of investors in the selected category is also included in this section.

The intervals at which the daily average of the selected category is changed in percentages are explained here. In addition, the most valuable and most depreciated funds of the day and the fund codes are included in this section.

Among the funds included in the selected category in the Rising Funds and Falling Funds charts, 5 funds with the highest price increase and the lowest price in daily percentage changes; The Fund Code, the Fund Name, the final price of the Fund, and the price change data.