You can list the revenues for the two dates of the funds that match the criteria you set yourself under the Fund Date Range Yield tab.

You can perform your analysis according to the desired fund category or any subcategory of that category, and also determine whether the fund price will be processed according to the current day or according to the valuation day. By specifying a start and end date, you can ensure that your analysis takes place between these two dates.

You can also bring your results to the screen based on TL, USD or EURO basis. After you have set your criteria, you can see the last price date, last price, previous price date, previous price, change and change (%) columns after tabloda fund code and name which will come up on screen when you click "get analysis" button.

You can decide how many records you want to see on the page, and use the "find" option to conveniently bring up the items you want to search.