The Fund consists of 4 main headings as Fund Manager, Fund Manager, Fund Market Shares, Fund Investor Numbers, Fund Portfolio Values Total.

Fund Managers; It is an analysis screen where all the fund managers' funds are presented together.

On the detail page of Fund Managers, there are reports on Fund Manager Information, Portfolio Allocation, Portfolio Allocation of Funds to be Managed, Bonds to be Obtained, and Managerial Funds.

Total Portfolio Value, Total Portfolio Value, Market Share (%), Total Liquid Assets, Total Assets, Total BPP, Total Number of Shares, Total Number of Shares, Total Number of Investors and Number of Total Investors in the Fund Portfolio Manager Information Occupancy Rate (%) information is included.

In the Portfolio Allocation section, you can view the portfolio distribution of the fund manager you have selected as a pie chart.

In the Portfolio Allocation of Funds Directed by Portfolio section, you can view the spreadsheet of all funds managed by the fund manager in tabular form.

The Final Value, Daily Return, Weekly Return, Monthly Return, Year-to-Date Return, and Last 1 Year Return values are included in the Getty of Funds Managed by Portfolio.

In the news section, there are reports on the relevant fund manager and the funds he / she manages.